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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
On Saturday, I had an usher ask to see my ticket in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the Sox trailing 8-0, with the team in last place and looking at 100 losses.

I realize they reserve the right to ask for my ticket at any time, but seriously? GMAB. Stop harassing me. I've been a season ticket holder for nine years.
Some things never change- in 1987- a buddy and I went to the last game of the season- mostly to see what was Reggie Jackson's last game of his career.

In the 7th inning- we wandered to some seats near Nancy Faust (after getting our picture taken with her)- and had an usher check our tickets and ask us to move- 9 outs left in the last game of the season- a "crowd" of about 17,000- 26 years later- nothing has changed.

My complaint today is based on a footnote in today's Trib coverage of yesterday's rain delay- saying that fans with tickets for yesterday's game can exchange for a game in April, 2014 (good), but cannot exchange for Opening Day (reasonable) OR the Red Sox series (****ing ridiculous!). In what universe do the Sox expect such high demand for an April series with the Red Sox coming off a 100 loss season? Is it really worth it to make this exception? Are they that desperate for another 40-50 ticket sales in April- to even do this?

Just pathetic.

Hell- ANYONE who buys a ticket to ANY game in September to watch this mess- should get 2 free tickets to an April 2014 game- I have a feeling- plenty of seats will be available.
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