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The Sox have 15 fireworks nights this season. It costs thousands of dollars to put on these displays. All the money comes from sponsors, the sox don't spend a dime. This money could easily be spent on bobbleheads. I'm arguing that as a season ticket holder you can't possibly enjoy watching 15 fireworks displays every season. Especially since nearly half of the displays come after your team just got beat. Yay lets celebrate the 12 run spanking the Red Sox just gave us.

The money is there anyways, rather than watching the same display over and over again why not get something you can enjoy for years to come.

I'm not saying remove all the displays but 15 is a little excessive especially if you get a weekend season ticket package.

Just replace a couple fireworks nights with bobblehead nights.

Can you honestly say you wouldn't look forward to any of these?

1) Robin Ventura next to or holding a stack of gold gloves.

2) Alexei Ramirez with his arms out watching the slam he just hit.

3) Bo Jackson riding a motorcycle (like the one he ride out to give Fisk)

4) Harold Baines (anything)

5) Ed Farmer (pitching in the pajama uni's)

6) Bill Veeck

7) Steve Dahl in army camo since this is the 30th anniversary of disco demolition

8) Ivan Calderon with his Jerry Curl and Gold chains (ha ha I had to add that)

9) Steve Lyons with his pants down after stealing second

10) Jack Parkman (The Indians are doing a Rick Vaughn so one why not)

11) Jack Mac Dowell (With early 90s Mullet)

12) Mark Buhrle

13) TCQ

14) Jenks (maybe make it a double with Ozzie holding his arms out calling for the big one)

15) Dick Allen (70s red pinstripes make 5000 random ones powder blue uniform)

The examples I gave have already been done elsewhere so they wouldn't be impossible.

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