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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Man, your post is all over the place, hinging your POV on a number of examples I can count on one hand, saying that jobs in sports (or at least baseball) are nothing like real life (a manager of people is a manager of people), and then saying I'm implying the Sox are in last place because of the manager.

But go ahead and pile on! My precious "experience"....ha!
Tony LaRussa had about 1/2 a season as a major league coach and about 1 year as a minor league manager when he became a manager. Comparing being a MLB manager with a job in the regular world doesn't make sense. The Sox hired guys who had "paid their dues". People with zero experience said all their moves were incorrect as well. It's great to use as an excuse when you want to complain about Ventura, but chances are, whoever the manager is, people aren't going to like them either. Ozzie had plenty of critics, Manuel had plenty of critics, Bevington had critics, so did Lamont and Torborg and Fregosi and LaRussa, and Kessinger and Doby and Lemon and Richards and Tanner etc.

Again, I am assuming you have less experience than Ventura. If it is so vital, how are you able to tell what he is doing is wrong? If his lack of experience makes him dumb, and not understand the game, what does it say about all of us on this website?
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