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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
With John Danks hopefully coming back in a couple of weeks, this White Sox pitching staff is good enough to get us into the 2013 playoffs. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the offense. With the Tank and Beckham coming back, we're still short a couple of bats. Maybe we can have a rotating DH and we can bench Dunn. Maybe he'll get tired of sitting on the bench and he will retire. Things like that do occasionally happen. Years ago when the White Sox had the misfortune of trading for The Pizza Man/Scab/ Ron Santo, the White Sox signed him to a 2 year contract. Santo became the first version of Adam Dunn during the 1974 season. He was so bad that the White Sox benched him
the last month of the season. The Scab took the hint and retired with one year left on his contract. Maybe history will repeat itself and Adam Done will retire.
Adam's a good guy and Santo was.... What's preventing him from a benching is the absence of a clearly better alternative, like a young bat. We're drowning in starting pitching. Bullpen depth is more of a problem than I thought 6 weeks ago or has become one. The 9 guys in the lineup? Ginormous problem. Fire sale caliber problem.
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