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Originally Posted by Vernam View Post
I'm sure you'd be saying that if it were, say, Abreu. If there's a fracture in each leg, it's hard to imagine how they both could have escaped notice.
Actually, I would. First of all, do you even know that a fracture is the problem? I haven't seen anything that says they know what the problem is, which is why he's seeing a specialist. Either way, a stress fracture isn't the same thing as a standard fracture. It would come from repetitive use and stressing the shin past what it is capable of withstanding. He would be complaining of shin pain likely in the same way as if he were dealing with tendinitis in his anterolateral leg muscles, or shin splints. They would likely treat him conservatively and see how he responded, which they did. He didn't respond to it so they went with a specialist.

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