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Originally Posted by beasly213 View Post
I've never had much of an issue with ushers at the park. For the most part they are quiet and if I ever had a question they were always able to point me where I needed to go.

The people in the gift shops have also always been nice. As far as the food stand workers.. yeah they're not the happiest people in the world but honestly I don't know why people who are buying a burger and a beer at a ball game want to be treated like they're spending $200 on a steak dinner at a restaurant downtown.

These people aren't making a lot of money and while I've never been blown away with how nice they are I've also never thought to myself "Man he/she is a real jerk."
This pretty much mirrors my experience, too, although, I do admit that if I'm going to eat at the park, I try and get there a little bit earlier and beat the lines. So maybe after serving people for a few hours they get worse?

This summer I was able to go to Miller Park, Coors Field, and Nationals Park. Felt that the experience at each park was basically what I get at the Cell. Good experiences all around.

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