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Originally Posted by khan View Post
It was a tiny 10 game sample size, and I'd prefer to give Morel more time per level to work on other aspects of his game. [Such as trying to develop power in addition to his high average.]

Besides, it's not exactly like he will be able to single-handedly turn the organization around. I fail to see any harm in him spending half a season in AA before moving to AAA. Let him make the AA All Star Game, and increase his trade value, for example. Or let him make Birmingham [marginally] watchable until reinforcements are promoted from A or demoted from AAA.
This is the White Sox, if you hit at the minor league level you get promoted to the next level, it doesn't matter if you only hit for ten days, or that you field the ball with your face, or that the only thing you know about base running is that it is OK to over run first base, if you can hit it's all that matters.
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