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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I would like to see Montreal get a team back and your right it does make sense with the rivalrys. The idea I really like is that the Expos get back their franchise history from the Nationals. Then you could give the city of Washington their team history from the Twins. I don't think the Twins even care about their history in Washington, nor should they care. I doubt too many Arizona Cardinals fans care about the old Chicago Cardinals so why would a Twin fan care about the old Senators.
I don't see that happening. The only time I'm aware of that one of the major US sports leagues transferred franchise history to a new team was when the NFL transferred the Cleveland Browns history to the new expansion Browns that began play in 1999. I believe that was part of a lawsuit settlement with the city of Cleveland.

If I'm not mistaken, all MLB merchandise revenue is shared between the teams, so it doesn't matter to the league if Washington Senators merchandise is sold in Nationals Park and not in Minnesota or Arlington, Texas.

Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Weren't the Expos quietly trying to move to New Jersey? I don't think the Yankees and Mets would allow another team in New York. I don't know if they have the right to keep a team out of New Jersey. I would think New Jersey could easily be a better choice for a MLB team than any other city.
They do. As much as a 3rd team in the NY metro area is the best alternative, it's never going to happen because the Yankees and Mets will never let it happen.

Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I agree, but a baseball team is the hardest sport to maintain support and attendance for, while football is the easiest. They can get 80,000 people to Green Bay on 8 sundays in the fall; 81 times throughout the year would be a much more difficult proposition. That just makes long-term support for a team like the Brewers all the more amazing, IMHO.
It seems to me that support for the Brewers really took off after they moved to Miller Park. If I remember correctly, their years at County Stadium didn't have such good attendance numbers. Maybe part of their success is thanks to having a retractable roof which makes early season days cold and/or rainy days still a good draw.

It's not like the Brewers have been wildly successful since 2001, but they have had a good amount of exciting teams and exciting players over the last decade or so. They've certainly succeed in turning a small market team into a successful franchise attendance-wise.
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