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Originally Posted by canOcorn View Post
Nate Schierholtz wants his dad back.

Seriously, Dunn has been brutal, but TDogs crusade against Dunn is laughable.
Nate Schierholtz playng for the Cubs last year had a higher OPS than Adam Dunn had fir the White Sox. The offseason the Sox signed Dunn, I wrote that Schierholtz would be a better fit becuase they needed a right fielder, and Schierholtz plays a great right field with one of the best arms in the game. But I think other stats better gague a hitter's success or failure.

Dunn's stats don't show that he was the best hitter on the team last year. They show that he hit less than .220 and struck out in almost a third of his at bats.

I hope Dunn has a better season this year, but it's laughable to suggest that Dunn's stats showed he was the best hitter on the White Sox last year.
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