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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I didn't want to see Adam Dunn hit less than .200 in his career with the White Sox while striking out in more than a third of his at bats. But that's what I saw. If your batting average is less than .200 and you strike out in less than one -third of your at bats, you are hurting the team far more than you are helping it, unless you are a defensive wizard or a pretty good pitcher.

If you can find a stat that shows that a player is strong offensively while hitting less than .220 and striking out in numbers unprecedented among everyday hitters in the history of major league baseball, the bias, even prejudice is in finding the stat that tells you such a thing. If you watch a lot of baseball, you shouldn't need stats to tell you who looks good and who doesn't. Anyone who has watched the White Sox for the last three seasons, who isn't biased by a strained statistical interpretation of what they saw, can see Dunn has hurt the team offensively. Most everyone who follows the White Sox is counting the days until he is no longer in a Sox uniform.

That being said, Dunn has played in three White Sox openers and homered in two of them. Opening day is just one game, and, statistically, a small sample size.
Nobody has said that he was strong offensively last year. We were the worst offensive team in baseball because Adam Dunn was our best hitter. That's not the same as saying he was strong offensively.
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