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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I came across a Web site recently that argues aggressively that the earth is at the center of the universe. I dismissed it. And I refuse to believe that the baseball writers that have watched Chris Sale have an inconsistent season including a few brilliant performances, some losses where he couldn't hold leads and a few games like Sunday's will cheapen the Cy Young Award by voting for him over Max Scherzer.

It's possible that Sale will get a few votes. There were baseball writers that left Henry Aaron off their Hall of Fame ballots the only year he was eligible for election.
Sale leads the league in quality starts, complete games, and OPS allowed in late leverage situations. He has not had a few brilliant performances marred by inconsistent ones. He has been the most consistently brilliant pitcher in baseball period. To argue otherwise is to ignore all evidence entirely, which it seems you are doing.

It's one thing to argue that Scherzer is going to win because ignorant writers think win-lose record is an effective tool in analyzing performance. It's quite another to suggest that Scherzer's going to win because he's been as good as Sale. He has not. There are pitchers in between Scherzer and Sale when it comes to best pitcher this year. Scherzer, at best, is having the fourth best season of pitchers in the AL.
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