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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
All you having going for you in this fight is that Chris Sale plays on a horrendous team. If he had 15+ wins, you wouldn't even be making your point.

Also, I assume from your ability to so correctly gauge the relative performances of Sale and Scherzer by watching baseball that you have viewed most or all of Scherzer's starts?
I have watched some Scherzer's starts this year. I've watched quite a few of Sale's starts. I've probably seen more of Scherzer than Sale, but I've seen disappointing efforts from Sale, along with a couple of brilliant outings. I have a better handle on the comparisons between the two pitchers than those taking overall statistics out of context.

If Sale were pitching as well as Scherzer, if he were as good at protecting leads as Scherzer has been this year, he would have 15-plus wins for this year's White Sox. Sale isn't pitching nearly as well as pitchers who have pitched for horrendous teams while winning the Cy Young Award. I would ask Steve Carlton for comment, but he doesn't talk to the media.

I forgot to add that the world I live in is one where Sale won't come close to winning the Cy Young Award this year. I doubt he believes he has any sort of claim to it. Outside of this forum, I don't think there are many who consider Sale's season close to resembling a Cy Young-worthy season.
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