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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
I appreciate the research, but this Sox team has no chance to contend, even in this division. It's a horrible team. I wouldn't waste my time entertaining such delusions. This isn't a good team playing badly. It's just a bad team.
Agreed. ...and this bad team didn't just happen by accident. It took many years of bad trades and having a lousy farm system for them to sink to this level. There's really no point IMO in worrying about how many wins they need to catch up to Detroit.

Originally Posted by QCIASOXFAN View Post
Bad to say but at this point I hope they do finish like that to lock in a top 5 pick.
That doesn't give me much comfort at all. It's not like the Sox have been masters at drafting players that turn into above average major leaguers.
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