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Originally Posted by BigHurt3515 View Post
That is what I am hoping. He doesn't hit for power but if he hits .300, I don't really care
I'm personally always fearful of guys that hit for absolutely no power in the minors. I'm not saying the guy has to absolutely mash the ball, but if you can't hit for any power in A+ and AA ball, that's worrisome for MLB production. Lots of ground balls that make it through the infield in the minors are webgems in the Majors. Lots of little flares that fall in front of OF in the minors are relatively easy plays in the Majors. Lots of pitches you foul off or sneak into play on a bad swing will absolutely buckle your knees in the Majors.

I'm happy to see Sanchez have such a good season and have success in leagues that are a bit advanced for his age, but you ultimately have to hit with some authority if you're going to be an everyday player in the Majors.

Unless this guy can ****ing fly, in which case that makes up for it sometimes.

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