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The Tigers aren't as good as some make them out to be.

They are winning divisions because they beat up on AL Central teams that beat themselves. If we stopped beating ourselves with our current roster, we would be neck-and-neck with them, just like 2012.

I realize, though, that certain players on our team have a predilection to making dumb mistakes (Flowers, DeAza, Alexei) and need to be changed out, because they don't produce enough offensively to overcome their dumb play and poor fundamentals. Others on our roster need to go because they are old and can no longer produce. Replace these players with fundamentally sound players, and we will compete again.

We will overcome the Tigers if/ when we have good pitching, play fundamentally sound baseball with good fielding, and draft/develop our own core of 3-4-5 hitters.

We have good pitching. We can get the second part over two offseasons. The third part requires shrewd drafting and top-notch player development.
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