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I think the reason you have to completely rebuild is that other than Sale, there aren't many pieces you can really build around. When the White Sox lost 90 games in 2007 some people were calling for a total rebuild but the White Sox still had some pieces that they could at least build around and plug in some gaps.

Right now they have Sale, that's about it. The pitching is okay but Peavy is old (and hurt) and I think the jury is still out on Quintana and Santiago (God only knows if Danks will ever recover). The White Sox don't have anyone that they can build around to compete in 2014 and even 2015 seems to be a bit unrealistic to me. Maybe with some good trades they can go out and get some young players that are capable of competing in 2015 but it would require really good scouting and even if we had the good scouting who do we have that teams would be willing to part with several prospects over? Rios maybe? Reed?

I think the White Sox need to bite the bullet and start rebuilding with an eye towards contending in 2016 however they need to be thinking contending to be the best team in the AL year in and year out, not "contending to win the AL Central."

Go Sox!!!
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