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Originally Posted by alohafri View Post
It's not an Oney Guillen hatred. But how many guys "retire" from minor league baseball on a weekly basis who never get their name on the scoreboard of the parent club? Being the boss's son has its privileges.
That's true in every walk of life. And it isn't just true of being the bosses son. Being a favorite has its priveleges.

And here's the sad truth. Now people can piss and moan all they want - but that doesn't change things. When you get into a position of power, it enables you to do things for your family and friends that you otherwise might not be able to do for them.

Here's truth #2. Oney Guillen's existence had no significant adverse impact on the White Sox.

Here's truth #3. It is far to early to conclude that KWJR is the same story. He was projected to go in the 8th round regardless. He is not some talentless stiff who was taken in the back end because of his dad.

I know people need to hate over everything - and most of those people suck. So let them hate. I'd much rather spend my energy celebrating a team that is 1.5 games up with a few weeks left to go, and has a very bright looking present/future.
Ha Ha Ha!!!!!
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