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Default The 1965 White Sox Through the Eyes of a Child

When I was about 7 years old in 1992 my great-grandfather sent me a box. It wasn’t my birthday and it wasn’t near Christmas, it was just because. There were about 500 baseball cards in that box, and I was hooked. As a kid I amassed what is now a substantially worthless collection of about 20,000 cards, and I would sift through the cards while I watched baseball games on TV, examining a player's card when he was up to bat or the starting pitcher. Now I actively collect vintage White Sox cards in mid- to high-grade. I’m one card away from completely finishing my first year, 1965, a 30-card set.

A couple weeks ago, I started thinking about what I was going to do with the set once I finished. I realized that other than the White Sox’ record at the end of the season and what place the team finished in (both of which I looked up when I started on the set), I really didn’t know much about the 1965 team at all. I wish I'd had a chance to watch some of these lesser-known White Sox players while collecting their cards, like I did in the '90s. So decided I would do a little research, learning about the team’s season by learning about each White Sox player with a card in the set.

The theory is simple: each player on a baseball team makes some sort of impact on that team over the course of a season. Each one has a season worth of stats which, in the aggregate, affected the team’s season. And most if not all had at least a few memorable moments which had a direct impact on the outcome of a particular game.

Starting with my next post in this thread, I will cover those players who played for the 1965 White Sox but do not have a card, as well as those players who did not play for the 1965 White Sox but do have a card. After that, I’ll take one player at a time, posting his 1965 Topps card. I’ll give a brief bio of the player, closely examine his 1965 season, and describe one particular game where he had a direct impact. Those games will go in chronological order, and my only request is that the team’s record and place in the standings not be revealed until the end of the project. Obviously that information can be found with the click of a button on the Internet, but I think some younger readers might enjoy letting the season unfold as it would have if they’d been following the team during the summer of 1965…and those who were fans in 1965 might enjoy reliving the season!
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