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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
this is true of all teams, though, not just the sox. What do you honestly expect the gm to say publicly? This guy sucks but we can't afford anything better right now? Every team has to take on some risks here and there with their roster for a variety of reasons. even the $200 million payroll yankees had to take flyers on retreads like travis hafner and vernon wells early this year to get enough bodies on the field. The dodgers, who have a seemingly unlimited payroll, have had to give starts to guys like chris capuano, matt magill, ted lilly, and stephen fife.

Though, i do contend you putting ba in the same category with fields and morel. Everyone knew it was a stretch to think fields and morel could become regular contributing players on a successful team. They really were thrust into their positions because the sox simply had no better answer. Ba was a highly touted prospect throughout the baseball community pre-2006. He just simply never lived up to his hype. Even blue chip prospects fail at an alarmingly high rate.
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