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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
That being said I do think there was something going on behind the scenes with A.J. I do know that one high level member of the front office lost "all respect" for him (direct quote) after the incident in Minnesota when Young threw that forearm to A.J.'s face and he simply turned and walked away.

I have no respect for whomever that "high level member of the front office" is. He lost all respect for AJ because AJ kept his composure and didn't get himself thrown out/suspended after taking a cheap shot from a thug?

Just like the Barrett incident. AJ bowled him over in a clean play because he was blocking the plate. Barrett then sucker punched AJ with a punch right to the jaw - a punch that didn't even phase AJ. AJ kept his composure and didn't retaliate, yet he got suspended and fined for being a model citizen in the incident.

I don't have much respect for the Sox organization in general anyway. They've been pretty bush league and classless at times, and it's a dysfunctional organization at best.

I hope AJ wins a ring with Texas next year because the Sox certainly don't appear to have a chance at this point anyway.
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