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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
What high profile pitchers other than Clemens have been mentioned? I'm just being curious and asking, not trying to provoke an argument with you. Also, I can't see how a pitcher in the mold of say a Randy Johnson, long, thin and rangy with a power arm would benefit from steroids. I sure would like to know what the "training regime" of Roger Clemens was.
It' also a pure numbers game in that there's more hitters than pitchers so naturally you'll find more high profile hitters than pitchers. But there must be a benefit to pitchers as I do think it's true that more pitchers have actually been punished than pitchers. it's not just strength, it's recovery time and pain tolerance.

So in a case of juiced hitter vs. juiced pitcher.... who wins?

The point is there's a lot of conjecture going on and you can't just assume that a guy isn't using anymore. Rafael Palmeiro testifed under oath to Congress that he wasn't, and he wasn't a guy who anybody really would think woudl use as he wasn't a muscle head.... well he did. Same with Petitte. The whole era, right or wrong, is tainted, and for many it's guilty until proven innocent. Bagwell's being punished because he had big muscles.

Good thing for guys like Maddux and Glavine that they didn't work out vigorously.
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