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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
**** Mr. Pipp...
Flowers actually didn't get off to a bad start, hitting home runs in his each of his first two games. He was hitting for a better average, .333, after his first five games. But Phegley seems to have a better shorter swing. He's been better with men on base. Despite Phegley's passed balls, he seems to be playing better defense.

Sale channeling Axelrod today and getting help from his defense. A nifty head-in-the game double-play started at first kept one run from scoring and Viciedo, who has a very nice arm for a left flelder, hooked up with Phegley to keep another run off the board. Sale easily could have given up more runs today and was hit hard after the first.

A nice day for the Sox and poorly played today by the Tigers, who didn't play so poorly against the Sox last year. Centerfield defense was weak and set up the grand slam. Better baserunning could have led to more runs.

And throwing behind a hitter is asking to get tossed from the game, even if no warnings have been issued. Hitters tend to be more accepting of pitches inside than the pitches behind them, which is probably why Ramirez was so characteristically upset. Complain that it is unfair to eject a pitcher without a warning, but I rarely see a pitcher throw behind a hitter and not get ejected. I saw an Angels game a few years ago where throwing behind the first hitter in the top of the first got a pitcher ejected.

Beating Verlander this week was nice. Taking the series was nice. The White Sox this week averaged seven runs a game in Detroit and really were a few clutch pitches shy of sweeping the series.
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