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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Most managers are afraid to go against the "book" to the point of extreme examples like the one above. If a manager had a lefty to face Abreu who then took him deep, that manager would be excoriated. Some would call for his immediate firing. Even if the lefty had previous success against Abreu. Guys like Casey Stengel and Leo Durocher wouldn't get much of a chance in today's game.
Some would accuse Ventura of overvaluing the book by batting Abreu third against lefties and fourth against righties, but Abreu isn't the only consideration. Gillaspie is clearly better against righties than lefites. So is Dunn. Without looking it up, I am guessing Gordon Beckham, Dayan Viciedo and Paul Konerko may be the only Sox hitters who are clearly better against lefties than righties.

Against lefties, you don't have Gillaspie getting on base in front of Abreu, although Gillaspie is hitting better against lefties this year. Beckham in the two-hole getting on base agaisnt lefties more than he is in the two-hole against righties. And Abreu hitting against lefties is preferable to a lot of guys hitting against lefties. With Abreu, I expect he will get better against lefties as he adjusts to the league.
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