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Originally Posted by balke View Post
Current White Sox career numbers for Dunn: .197 .317 .403 .720
Comparatively, these are the numbers Jermaine Dye posted the season before he was blackballed from the league: .250 .340 .453 .793
21 First baseman have a higher OPS this season than Adam Dunn.,6201299.story

Great to see our clubhouse leader whining about a wasted season. Go get em' next year Adam. Can't wait to see all those homeruns you'll have saved up from your lack of trying this year.
Well, to be a bit more clear, Dye hit .173/.293/.297 after the all star break in 2009 with 7 homers and 26 RBI in 60 games, and that's what scared people away (plus his demands for a major league guaranteed contract if I remember right). He hit great in the first half (.946 OPS) which made his overall numbers at least respectable. But he looked like a totally different player in the 2nd half for some reason. Still surprised he never got another shot with somebody considering it was really only 2 months of playing bad immediately following 3+ months of hitting great.
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