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Default Adam Done

I went to the game Friday afternoon against the Indians. It was another bad performance by the White Sox hitters. Dunn struck out 3 times leaving 8 runners on base. After he struck out the third time most of the fans started booing him. I was surprised at the reaction of the fans. It didn't upset me one bit after he kept striking out. I'm use to it. Anytime he gets a hit, I'm surprised. I've come to expect the worse from him. There might be 15 million reasons why he will be back next year, but I'm still hoping the White Sox organization gets beyond the money thing. Dunn has flopped here for 3 years. 2014 will be a new season. I'm hoping Dunn will not be part of the 2014 White Sox. I like to think the 2014 White Sox will be going in another direction in 2014. Hopefully Dunn won't be part of that new direction.
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