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Originally Posted by Over By There View Post
To those so eager to give Rios away via waivers, just to dump salary, I ask: why the rush? The Sox have leverage here. How much is debatable, but leverage is what turns old players/overpaid players/expiring contracts/etc. into good returns in trades. At this moment, the Rangers need Rios much worse than we need to get rid of him. Leverage. Hahn should absolutely hold the line here and try to get some value other than just dumping salary.

Again, there's no rush. Even if the Sox end up in the position where there is no market for Rios and they just have to let him walk for no real return, that can be accomplished in the offseason. Scrambling to let go of our #3 hitter for nothing is a silly, emotional reaction.
If they wait until the offseason, it is highly likely that nobody is going to pick him up then and pay all of his contract as there will be better OF opportunities available fro less than what Rios makes.. The Sox have an opportunity now to dump that deal rather than wait for the winter to trade him for a few weak prospects and chip in cash to boot.
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