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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Whatever you guys are smoking- please share.

I hope you're right- I just don't see it.
The problem is most people don't follow prospects that much, so anyone who has a chance to be a bench guy, or a back end SP gets this incredible "high upside" label.

We don't have a starting pitcher in our minor league system (and for now, discounting this years draft because we have not seen any kind of sample size of the young kids) that profiles above a number 3. We have some guys who profile and have a shot to be GOOD 3-4-5 SP, but there is not a legit number 1. Its also really tough to say, with a straight face, we have a future 3 or 4 hitter in our minors. Hawkins could maybe get there, but he is not really projectable.

This is why, even when "rebuilt", we still have a bottom 5 farm in the major leagues. It will take several years with a Hahn style draft philosophy "high upside risky players" like this year to rebuild the farm. The only way to rebuild your farm in 1 draft is to lose a ton of Type A/B guys in FA and end up with 4-6 picks in the top 3 rounds.
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