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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
No he's wrong. To be as far to the extreme that he is on this debate, he's wrong. Just like everyone else, on both sides of this argument, that are to that kind of extreme. And that's the problem I have with Hawk over everything else as a baseball announcer. It's not his stupid sayings or nicknames or bias or moments of silence when the Sox do something bad. It's that he is flat out wrong about baseball quite often. On a daily basis.

As a play by play guy, that should be seen as unacceptable by your employers. Especially by employers that, at least some degree like just about every other MLB team, use the kind of sabermetrics in their decision making that he decries as bull****.
When it comes to credibility as far as announcers go I'm going to believe the guy that batted behind a Triple Crown winner, was an all star (before fans voted), and finished 3rd in MVP voting in 1968 over a guy who never picked up a bat but has a good voice.

Hawk does know baseball but he isn't willing to consider sabermetrics because he is still stuck in a different era of baseball. I think its okay and actually refreshing.

As far as marketing TWTW i think it is genius. Controversy creates cash and up until now this has been a bland team. This will give it some personality and an attitude from a marketing perspective.
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