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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
I don't think Hawk is right or wrong here. It's all a matter of what mindset you're most willing to accept. Even for a younger fan, I find some of these expanded forms of stats confusing at times. I'm sure if I set aside the proper time, I'd understand them all as well as anyone. Us fans can believe what we want, but it would be best for every team to use it regardless. This is what baseball's future is no matter how much we try to fight it.
No he's wrong. To be as far to the extreme that he is on this debate, he's wrong. Just like everyone else, on both sides of this argument, that are to that kind of extreme. And that's the problem I have with Hawk over everything else as a baseball announcer. It's not his stupid sayings or nicknames or bias or moments of silence when the Sox do something bad. It's that he is flat out wrong about baseball quite often. On a daily basis.

As a play by play guy, that should be seen as unacceptable by your employers. Especially by employers that, at least some degree like just about every other MLB team, use the kind of sabermetrics in their decision making that he decries as bull****.
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