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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Question: what is the purpose of this type of move? I'm not passing judgement on the transaction....I don't know anything about Tocci. I'm just curious about why select a player that you just flip for cash?

Again, I'm not criticizing the move, I'm just curious as to why such a trade would take opposed to selecting someone they were interested in keeping in the organization.
Probably the same reason the Phillies did it with Burdi one pick earlier. The Pirates contacted them and asked if they would select Burdi. The Pirates wanted him but knew the Sox would take him and he would not be available. So they asked the Phillies to pick him and made a deal with them. Assume that the Rangers wanted this guy and called around to find out who would be willing to take him with an early pick (perhaps they knew or suspected someone else ahead of them wanted him) and made an offer. Doesn't benefit the Sox a lot but doesn't cause any harm to take the money and create a little good feeling between a potential trade partner of the future.
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