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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
I went to every seminar yesterday with the exception of the private one at the end of the day. Some observations:

I knew Hahn was articulate and well educated but her really is impressive to listen to. He has a very clear vision of how he wants to retool and is very aware of Sox fans frustrations including Dunn, catching etc.

Both Buddy Bell and Rick Hahn independently mentioned an "option" that really concerns me. The option is to not use all of the money for the 3rd pick slot on a prospect but instead draft a prospect at three for a lesser amount and spend the unused slot money on a player in the later rounds. I hope they don't blow this pick, they need to identify the top three payers available and take that player - they cant afford to be smarter than everyone else. Hahn also said that it is likely that there first pick would be a pitcher based on the current draft.

Billy Pierce and Gary Peters session was engaging, just a couple of class guys who had some incredible moments and careers. The only guys left from 1959 are Pierce Landis, Rivera and Rudy Arias. Landis has been very sick and in a hospital for one year.

There was a session with Lindstrom, Eaton and Eric Johnson (who replaced Dunn). This session was hysterical. If this guy Eaton can play he will be a fan favorite no doubt about it. He's quick witted with a good sense of humor and a bit irreverent. He loves being on stage.

Lindstrom had some good oneliners once he warmed up a bit.

Eric Johnson is a very polite, somewhat shy guy. Really enjoyed the session with the here of them as it appeared the crowd did too.
This is really cool. I've never been much of an autograph guy, but those seminars look great.
And I agree -don't clown around with the 3rd pick for goodness sakes.
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