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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Good points on the trades. We also nailed four straight first round draft choices: McDowell, Ventura, Thomas and Fernandez.

Lets wait and see how Hahn's first few drafts go, and how his first trades go. He won't get as much for Rios and Peavy as Himes did for Baines and Bannister, but he also has Crain and Thornton to deal. Also, the Cell provides a greater revenue stream than old Comiskey Park did.

Hahn also has KW to do some scouting. Remember, KW was the guy who "won" under the radar trades and signings of Loaiza, Contreras, Uribe, AJ, Iguchi, Dye, Quentin, etc. And the minor league system, while under KW's direction, produced solid contributors like Rowand, Crede and Buehrle.

Therefore, I do not think the Sox are headed for a prolonged half-decade of losing.
KW oversaw the minors (in different roles) for about 20 years- those 3 are not evidence that he has any real talent at building a strong minor league system.

He was good at the "under the radar" trades- not just good a the "big" moves-like Wells, Ritchie, Koch, Swisher, Peavy, Dunn, etc.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada
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