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No one is suggesting that all games should be played in domes, the South, and the West Coast in April.

We are suggesting that MLB should adjust the scheduling algorithms so that the balance is shifted slightly. For instance, the Sox are playing 31 games between March and April: 16 home and 15 away. Instead, make it 13 home and 18 away.

Itís a difference of one series. Make it a midweek series, so the issue for school kids to attend is neutral.

Then, balance it out in May. Right now they have 12 home games and 17 away games in May. Instead, swap just one midweek series so that they would play 15 home games and 14 away games in May.

If youíre just swapping one midweek series between April and May, itís not an undue burden to any dome/warm weather teamís revenue potential.

Obviously the 5 AL Central teams, plus Baltimore, are not big attendance draws, and they have to play each other throughout the season. Meanwhile, Boston and NY are big draws. (And Tampa and Toronto are not big draws but they have domes.) So not every AL West club can have Boston and New York for a weekend series every year; there are more small draw teams than big draw teams. But itís not going to kill the Jays, Rays, Astros, Rangers, Angels, Athletics, and Mariners to host one more midweek series in April with AL Central clubs or Baltimore, and have those reciprocated with visits to the AL Central cities later in the season when the weather is nicer.
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