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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
So should Hahn announce to the media that his position players suck?

Should he really announce that he thinks Viciedo sucks and that Flowers sucks?

What would that accomplish, other than raise your estimation of him?
They were his horses, and he ran with them. He had flexibility in the off-season. He didn't bring back AJ, instead trusted in Flowers, Viciedo, and Keppinger (who are all zero way players). Those were bone-headed, amateur moves. I'm not giving him a pass. There's too much at stake. You think five years is long, ask fans of teams like the Pirates, Cubs, and Royals what happens if the guy behind your rebuild doesn't know how to evaluate talent. As sickening as the whole Theo thing was, I understand why Cubs fans were so giddy about it. They finally got a guy who could rebuild.
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