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If Hahn has the freedom to make the deals he wants to make and to deal with whatever teams he wants to deal, and the power to send the scouts to where he wants to send them, then he should be able to do a good job disposing of our veterans and bringing young talent in here.
But I have no knowledge of the front office dynamic to know whether he has that power.

The same year we made the White Flag, the Red Sox dealt Slocumb for 2 Seattle prospects who were rated higher than any we received from the Giants for Roberto Hernandez, who himself was better than Slocumb, plus 2 other starting pitchers. That was because Scheuler wouldn't trade in the American League. Williams never seemed to encumber himself with this particular nonsensical restraint, but Scheuler was gone when Williams took over as well. I'm assuming/hoping that Hahn doesn't have any restraints either.
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