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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
The only player that was similar to Adam Dunn with the White Sox was Ron(Pizza Man/Scab) Santo. The White Sox traded for Santo after the 73 season and gave him a 2 year contract. Santo was brutal during the 1974 season. He only hit 5 home runs for the White Sox and he didn't hit his weight. The White Sox benched him the last month of the season. Santo took the hint and retired after the 74 season. Santo walked away from his last year of the contract. First of all, the White Sox have to get another hitter from somewhere and plug him into the lineup. Then you simply bench Dunn. Hopefully he will take the hint and retire. Dunn has claimed he would retire when the game was no longer fun for him. Bench him on a permanent basis and lets see what he does. I think the White Sox have been more than fair with him the past 3 seasons. They have giving him every opportunity to succeed and he has flopped here. He has been the worse cleanup hitter in modern baseball history. (post World War 2) I would be happy never to see him bat for the White Sox again.

Dunn is owed 23 million dollars. JR is not going to release him with that money owed.

Dunn "retiring" would be totally and completely irresponsible to his family with that kind of money left on the table

Ron Santo wasn't making anywhere close to what Dunn was making so the example listed has no bearing - and the Sox have no hammer to use on Dunn say by benching him because of what they owe him.

So I think we can forego the listed example for the next two years, it's simply not going to happen.

Can I see Robin moving Dunn down in the lineup? I certainly hope so but as Kittle said (paraphrasing) with all the issues surrounding this team and the organization it really won't make that much of a difference.

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