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This is a topic before about 5 years ago There were a lot of bad Sox players --> but in relation to compensation it seemed to have been Jamie Navarro as tops with his 4 year contract. I'd say with 4 years, $56 million, Dunn tops that. He can't field, he strikes out too much, he can't get clutch hits, he is useless against left handers--> and nothing to compensation for these glaring weaknesses. He is not getting any younger. At this rate he seems to be an albatross for another 3.5 years. To me he also looks out of shape, but I can't confirm that. At least tonight he got two walks and no strikeouts and the team won with him in the lineup. Despite his high pay, OG should consider using Lillibridge in right and Quinten as DH more often and bench Dunn. Until he shows improvement.