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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Except I would think divisional games draw the best, no? So a midweek April home game versus a divisional foe is likelier to draw better than one against a non-divisional foe. It all comes down to $$$.
I think you're right a little bit. I don't hear too many fans getting excited about playing the Twins or Tribe, etc., in April because the division race is just not something to get excited about yet. In June after a third of the season is under your belt, then you can start to call a game a Big Game which can set the tone for the remainder of the season.

While a stong April is important to setting the tone for the season, it is not as important as a strong June-September push. Look at the Cubs this year. They were a living joke in April and May and then turned it on in June to win 85 games. If they have played April and May like they did the rest of the way, they could have had 93 or so wins. Another example: the 2006 Twins. They pulled the White Sheet over them in May. Then they won the Division. How about the 2007 Yankees? They could not beat their grandmas in April and May. They ended up with 94 wins and the Wild Card by a comfortable margin.

Intra-Division games are much larger than other games because when you win, you pick up a game in the standings to the team you beat. When you win a game against a non-divisional foe and the team ahead of you in the standings also wins, you don't make up any ground. Make the intra-division games later, not sooner!

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