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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Levine is talking about this right now. The Cubs have a rather quirky schedule set up for '08:

Cubs 2008 schedule

Of their 81 homes games, 33 will be played in April and May, including 16 in April and an opening day of March 31.

In comparison, the Cubs will only play 20 home games total in June and July (10 games in June and 10 games in July).

They will play a record 19 home games in August, with nine on the road.

I haven't checked this, but Bruce claims the Sox and Cubs will have home games on the same day twelve times next year.
Well, my first reaction is "Bruce being Bruce" except unlike trade and FA signing rumors, I presume he is looking at the actual paper. We have 24 home games in April and May (15 in April). When I saw our schedule last month I thought Bud was doing the Cubs a favor by having them on the road for most April, but I see I was wrong.

MLB has really gotten stuck on the idea of opening and closing the season against Division foes. It would be more exciting if you did not play anyone in your division until June and then spend September playing only division foes. This would allow a team with a slow start to have some seriously meaningful games in June because of the wide swings in the standings which will have to take place then.

I'll have to add this to my reasons why Bud needs to be fired and a real Commish with a brain needs to be hired.

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