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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
The Phillies are a symptom, not the cause. Revenues in baseball are so high with television deals now that they have to send the extra money somewhere. Since it's not going to go to a significantly less expensive fan experience, the agents know that extra revenue is there and they're going to hold out for it. The Phillies are just quicker to dish it out. But this is the new market.
It's not even the money, which seems ridiculously high anyway, but if there's one team in the league that needs to get younger and cheaper, it's them. They already signed Byrd this off-season so coming into today, they had 8 players signed for $127 million in 2014. Assuming the payouts are relatively even for Ruiz, that's $133ish million for 9 players. Complete insanity.

Plus, he's going to be 35 years old when the season starts and has seen his innings played drop from 1052 in 2011 to 856 in 2012 and 745 in 2013.

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