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Originally Posted by jamokes View Post
The White Sox were the third worst team in baseball. You're drinking waaayyy too much kool-aid to put any positive spin on this year. The Cubs tried to be bad and we were worse. Dunn was a terrible pick up.......Paulie is over the hill........sorry but we are a long way off and considering the Indians have a real manager and the Tigers are one of the best teams around, we're in trouble for a few years.

Now really, do you trust the Sox upper management?
I almost didn't even need to read past this post, which nailed it. I went to one ****ing game this season - one - and it was Opening Day, and I'm a damn season ticket holder!

This was just garbage, and made me long for the days of Andy Sisco ("power arm," by the way).

There is little on this team to be excited about for next year. There is still nothing in the farm. Sign Cano and another huge FA, and we will get to talking.
Ridiculousness across all sports:

(1) "You have no valid opinion because you never played the game."
(2) "Stats are irrelevant. This guy just doesn't know how to win."
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