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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
MLB could be look at ties for the AL East, AL West and NL Wild Card. This almost as exciting as last year was.
The American League couldn't have worked out better for baseball unless the Sox had picked it up and managed to tie Tigers at the end. As it is,the postseason teams are set, and the games are just setting up who goes into what amounts to a singel-elimination losers' bracket. A series of playoff games to get to the postseason, even get to the play-in game to get to the postseason, is the ultimate way to end the six-month regular season.

The A's and Rangers are playing in what amounts to a playoff game with the loser going into single-elimination. A playoff game between the Orioles and Yankees with the losing facing a single elimination game would end the season with three playoff games before the division series begin.

By contrast, the only race in the National League for weeks has been for the second wild card play-in berth, and that was settled in Game 161 with the new NL money team losing and being eliminated. The American League finish is what baseball would like to see every year.

I would love to see the wild card play-in game come down to the Yankees and Rangers, two teams that were expected to easily win their respective divisions, although the Red Sox and Angels were supposed to be in the mix. Sadly, one of them would win. I've come to hate the Yankees and Rangers and even the Tigers more than the A's, and that is saying a lot. And I don't like the Orioles. Unfortunately, one of those teams is going to get to the World Series.
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