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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
There was a blurb in this morning's Tribune speculating that in September, the Sox might go to a six-man rotation or shut down one or more of their young starters.
That solves part of it. But the essence of the problem, I think, is this bullpen. The only guys he trusts are Jones and Reed (and I agree with him); he uses Veal and Lindstrom but doesn't really trust them (I agree as well). He's to the point where he rarely uses the next 2 or 3.
But his decisions given that reality are what I question. I don't think the answer is to pitch Reed 6 games in a row (Jones is heavily pitched too); nor throwing the starters 110+ innings routinely. I'd rather pitch PUrcey and Axe and risk a loss, than beat on the studs like that. There's a bigger picture. And Wednesday we had a 3 run lead....if he couldn't try another guy then, when will he?
He's like a college coach burning redshirts with 3 games left in the season to keep his job....although I don't see how 70 wins v. 60 will make a difference.
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