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Broadway spent the first half of last summer pitching in the Northwoods league for the Wisconsin Woodchucks here in my hometown. I only saw him pitch once, and he didn't really strike me as that impressive. But then again, I was drunk and I don't really give a rats about Northwoods League Baseball. That said, I read a lot about him in the local rag last summer, and it sounded like he was pretty dominant. Come to think of it, I think he threw a no hitter. Also, my girlfriend met him once at a bar and said he was down to earth and a pretty nice guy, which is saying something such as most of the kids who come to play ball here during the summer are prone to racking up DUI's, statutory rapes, and animal cruelty charges. You never know how these draft picks are going to pan out, but Broadway seems like as good of a pick as any.

Wausau Daily Herald Articles about Broadway
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