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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I've been to 24 different MLB ballparks- the areas where I think the Sox come up short (in no particular order) are:
  1. Overall friendliness and helpfulness of the staff you encounter
  2. Overall quality and variety of food available
  3. For promotions/giveaways- many teams are "All Fans" vs. "First 20,000", etc.
  4. Overall scoreboard set up
  5. When attendence for a game is low- Sox are much more inclined to have stands completely closed or close up early
Very subjective- just my opinion-
(I'll also add- I like alot of the things they are doing this year- expanded food menu, the K Zone for Sale, etc.)
I can't say I've been to 24 ballparks, but I'll take you at your word that the helpfulness of the staff is lacking, but I've never really experienced it, at least consistently.

I have to disagree on the food selection however. From the brisket sandwiches, the bao (hidden gem of the park) burger barn among others, I can't think of many stadiums with better food. Some items at certain venues (Boog's bbq a personal favorite) are better, but for variety and overall quality USCF is pretty good.

I do agree with you regarding the scoreboard set up as well. More than anything, the White Sox are just behind the curve. When the scoreboard was originally put in, it was top of the line. The line has moved up considerably since then. If nothing else the "light bulb" scoreboard needs to be jettisoned and something capable of handling more data is needed.
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