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Originally Posted by KMcMahon817 View Post
Unlikely? Not so much. You're allowed your opinion, but the word "unlikely" is a bit farfetched when it comes to the SOX chances of making the playoffs.

If they were in the AL East,'d be unlikely. But the Tigers and Indians are no better than the SOX.
Actually, I don't recall either team getting no-hit by a pitcher that sucked at the time. I don't recall the tiggs geting embarrassed and humiliated by a 36 year old soft-tosser that's hanging onto a MLB roster spot by a thread. I don't recall either team outright WASTING solid outing after solid outing by their SPs. I don't see either team "playing down" to inferior competition as much as our SOX. I don't see them letting poorly prepared opponents [such as one that just had their manager QUIT on them] beat them. I don't see Cleveland or Detroit with sub-.500 home records.

But most of all, I don't see either team as cowardly surrender monkeys to the twins, or for that matter, the rest of the ALC, as the SOX are. This, coupled with the sub-.500 home record are the two prime reasons why I have my doubts about this year's chances for our SOX.

Originally Posted by KMcMahon817 View Post
Viciedo will be playing almost everyday within the next couple weeks.
Great. We can see him perform for a 3rd place team, unless KW can find another hunk of **** in AZ to trade for.
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