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Default Steve Stone

I very rarely watch Sports Talk Live hosted by Dave Kaplan. Kaplan is a Cubs fan and basically ignores the White Sox, so I simply don't watch the show. I was channel surfing last night and saw Steve Stone on the show and I watched him. Stone mentioned the Cubs trade with the Orioles and how good of a trade it was for the Cubs. He then mentioned how much easier it will be for Epstein /Hoyer to build the Cubs than it will be for Rick Hahn and the White Sox. Stone said that the Cubs will have more money to deal with than Hahn will. He than said that this White Sox team just doesn't draw enough fans. He said last years team was in first place and didn't draw 2 million fans. It was obvious by his comments that he's not exactly happy being here with the White Sox. That being the case maybe he should leave his job with the White Sox. I have news for him, at his age I seriously doubt that another team would hire him. But still, if he doesn't like it here I wish he would just leave, the sooner the better.
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