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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Yes, but you see - 5 weeks of cold Tyler Flowers is enough to call for his head. 5 weeks of a hot AAA catcher is enough to anoint him the starter.

While we're at it, get this "Jim Gallagher" character up here, too! He's hot! Never mind that he's 27 and has stunk it up in AAA prior to these 83 at-bats!

Get Jason Berken in this rotation now! Or at least as a long man! So what if he has stunk it up in the majors - he just needed a change of scenery!

Baseball fans! Ignoring organizational depth guys for decades!
More like 410 Plate Appearances of Cold Tyler Flowers.

Clearly, the answer to my original question is Option C, but seeing as how we aren't going to trade Flowers for Posey, I figure Phegley at least = Hector Gimenez. May as well give the kid a cup of coffee for a good month or two of hitting...considering the state of the White Sox organization both above and below the major league line (how many other bats - minor or major - have an OPS near 1.000?), my suggestion that he be brought up is hardly ludicrous nor deserving of vitriolic scorn.

If this situation continues for another month, and Flowers is still barely cracking a .600 OPS and continues to strike out at a nearly Dunn-like rate (31.2% vs. 32.8%), and Phegley continues to mash (lots of ifs, I know)...

I don't see what you have to lose by replacing some ABs of a player who is actively costing the White Sox wins at the major league level (passed ball last night) with another player who has yet to cost the White Sox wins at the major league level.

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