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Well you just mentioned 2 of the best current pitchers in the game over the last few years. Did they materialize out of thin air? Sale may have been ready to go very quickly but they still had to work with him on developing his pitches, especially his change up and slider. Teams were wary of his ability to hold up because of his mechanics and thought him long term to be a reliever, which is why in spite of his talent he fell to the White Sox after nearly half the league passed on him. But thanks to the incredible training staff and pitching development of the White Sox he's become the one of the best, and most durable, pitchers in the game.

Who was Jose Quintana before the Sox signed him? Just some guy that both the Mets and Yankees let go. The day he signed with the Sox wasn't some earth shattering day, it was just another pick up of a guy some other teams didn't want.

Who was Nate Jones? Who was Tommy Kahnle before he came here, the guy who just helped land one of the best outfielder prospects in the game? Who was Hector Santiago who got them Adam Eaton (who in turn landed them 2 of the top ranked pitching prospects in Giolito and Lopez along with Dane Dunning)? Outside of Sale....who were these players? They were just guys before they came here.
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