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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
For anyone wondering what the return would be in a Melky Cabrera trade, look no further than the underwhelming return the Tigers received from the Diamondbacks for J.D. Martinez, and then subtract significantly from it. The fact that the Mets can't drum up any interest for players like Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson who are superior to Melky does not bode well. Plus, if guys like Andrew McCutchen and Marcell Ozuna become available, the demand goes even lower.
Exactly. While Melky provides value there is a short list of teams with potential interest and a long list of available players with similar profiles. This drops his value considerably and maybe makes it not worth trading him at all.

Similarly, with Avi there is a short list of teams with potential interest, and while he provides greater value if you think this year is for real, the likelihood of trading him for similar return as our previous trades is pretty slim and he is definitely worth taking a chance on keeping if the return isn't overwhelming.
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